RF Laboratory Services

We are in to calibration of RF from the last three years and we can Calibrate RF Instruments like Signal Generators, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Modulation Analyzers, Power meter with Sensors, Frequency counters etc.

We have NABL Accreditation for the parameters like

RF Frequency

RF Power

RF Attenuation




New Fluke 9640A LPNX RF Calibration Source added in to our inventory offers unrivalled level and attenuation accuracy, high signal purity, low harmonic and spurious content.

The unique concept “Connect Once, measure many” capability not only gives you a blazing Calibration turnaround time of your devices, but also greatly reduces number of measurement error sources and uncertainty contributions.


We have a well established lab facility for RF Field which comprises of sophisticated Equipments and  our staff are specifically trained. We provide efficient calibration services with a short lead time.


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